Oliver is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. His photography work combines commercial, fashion editorial, behind-the-scenes capture, and captivating portraiture. He loves manipulating texture and contrast in black and white film.

Oliver brings artistic depth to every project he undertakes. In addition to his photography, he has spent the past year hosting a monthly supper club, Big Love, where he hopes to inspire eaters to slow down, imagine a new way of consumption, and find beauty, not restriction in the parameters of the local.

Consultant at The Carpool Group - offering Jewelry Production, and Social Marketing Consulting

Artist in residant at Woodward ResidancyWinter 2024 Guest Resident 


Interested in pursuing more of: Eco-conscious Media Production and Creative Environmental Storytelling


Climate focused Photography, Commercial, BTS, Editorial, Event, Ecom, Short Form, Content Creation, Documentary, Photo Retouching.


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